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Got Mold? was developed as an educational and informational resource for property owners who have questions/concerns about mold.  Between the internet, what you may have heard and your own preconceived thoughts on mold, there is enough information (or misleading information) to make your head spin. For instance, the most common misconception about mold clean-up is the use of a household bleach. Bleach will actually make the mold problem worse, in most cases. Nevertheless, the internet is littered with websites and forums that talk about cleaning mold up with bleach.

This site will allow you to become thoroughly educated how the mold cleaning/remediation process works, common misconceptions and what you should look for in a remediation company, as well as the company who performs the testing.

Our primary focus is the Tampa Bay Area, so this information will focus on mold as it relates to this area. However, most of the information will apply to any geographic area.

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