Mold Testing & Inspections

​Proper mold testing should involve a thorough inspection of both affected and unaffected areas of the home, as well as the outside. Evaluations may include moisture testing, building history and both air and surface samples taken in these different areas. Testing should ALWAYS be performed by a State Licensed, third-party Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) or Mold Assessor. The samples that the testing firm collects will provide the information necessary to determine the mold levels and the types of mold present. These samples are shipped to a lab for analysis; however, most reputable CIH firms will have their own lab to analyze the data in house. Costs may vary for sending out to a lab, versus in house analysis. Some will do both for the same rate. Once the analysis is complete, a report is generated that will show the amount of mold present and the types. Armed with this information, recommendations are made for the cleaning process. This is typically called the Mold Remediation Protocol. If a Mold Remediation Protocol is written, the mold remediation company should follow that Protocol to the letter.

To avoid any conflicts of interest, mold testing should ALWAYS be performed independent of the mold remediation company

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